The "QA House"

We’re specialized in providing the QA resources your product and team needs.

QA services, managed in the most professional way.

Trying find an senior QA engineer for your project? We're a growing dedicated QA team.

We have more than 10 years of hands on experience with Automation, Selenium, Python, backend-Testing, Front-End Testing, Performance testing, CI/CD and muuuuuch more.

What we're doing, exactly:

Technology Stack:

Automation Testing / Regression tesxting / Exploratory testing / API testing / CLI Testing / Performance and scalability testing and more.

  • Manual Testing: Web, Mobile, Desktop.
  • Automation:
    • Selenium, MySQL, scrapping - Python
    • Protractor/Cypress - TypeScript/JavaScript
    • Command Line Interface testing.
    • Appium & BrowserStack -> multidevice testing.
  • CI/CD, DevOps, AWS, and more.
  • Agile, working in sprints with newest methodologies.
  • Bots, web Scraping, Data Analysis.
  • Consulting, team helping.
  • Much more.
  • Over 10 years hands on experience with testing apps and website.

Why QA-house?

We care about certain things:

  • delivering
  • results
  • doing things right
  • documentation and improving things
  • working super close with developers, BA and PM's.

We promise that your product will get BETTER with qa-house covering the Quality.

We do care about the quality!            

Not the quantity.

Quality assurance OCD.

What differentiates our QA team from other software testing companies is knowledge, know-how, and over 10 years of hands-on QA experience. We aim for perfectionism in the way we do our testing and deliveries.

We’re a 100% QA - Software Testing oriented company, based in Cluj Napoca, Romania and we come in as a team. This way there won't ever be a gap of knowledge or missing ressources.

Our main focus is to provide the best software quality and ROI via Software Testing.

Why us instead of other companies?

reasons to work with our software QA company

The best reason for having a QA engineer that knows what he’s doing is for making sure you’re delivering to your customers, and they are happy with what they’re paying for.

Working with someone that has the experience and knowledge, brings up value by getting things right.

We're based in Cluj Napoca, and we're working from the same office, sharing our knowledge and focus.

Our promise is to meet all the requirements a product could need in terms of quality. Our QA House fills the gaps between knowledge, practice and expertise. We understand the work procedures and we follow them along.

Our approach to better Quality Assurance

A bit of a different view on our colaborations

  • In terms of QA, a person is assigned full-time alongside a senior Engineer, which makes sure that we meet the requirements and standards of quality.
  • We make sure that there's a person that will always understand the product and the technical requirements so there will be no gaps or time-offs and the delivery will be the best it can be.
  • The senior engineer will be present for each delivery and will be completely responsible for the work done by any member of our team.
  • In terms of collaboration, we work contract-based and we hope to find long solid work.
  • We work in sprints, agile using all the modern workflows from the market.

See bellow form, get in touch, and let's speak about the next big thing!

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Support QA Difficulties are common and many business prefer to not trouble with them. But they are not hard to overcome.


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